Friday, March 18, 2011

My Green Thumb {Day 001}

Spring is springing! It's so inspiring. Daffodils are beginning to peek up through the thawing ground... Birds sing in the mornings... It's still light when I get off of work...And I get an insatiable urge to dig in the dirt!

I've been planning to grow basil (what could be better than fresh pesto and homemade pasta?!) and today seemed like the perfect day to begin! Basil likes sunny, warm spots, so I'm going to have a windowsill garden. And the great thing about that is that I can start it immediately!
I bought potting soil and seeds after work today. Organic. Doesn't it seem like a given that all seeds would be organic? You would think. Anyhow, seeing as I had the option, I decided organic would be better than non-organic. It cost me an extra $2.50 but now I can proudly claim to grow organic herbs. Woohoo!
I saved an egg carton to start the plants in. It'll keep my little sprouts nice 'n moist, while at the same time allowing for good drainage. I prepped my planter by first cutting of the cover...
...Which I then covered securely in foil.
The carton nestles into the now waterproofed cover nicely - a perfect little planter!
I loved feeling the dirt between my fingers! Winter has been long. This is a treat! This soil is a composition made especially for starting plants so it was really well fertilized (organically, of course!) and was fluffy and moist.
I filled the egg carton with dirt, and then moistened it and allowed time for the water to drain before planting.
I never cease to be amazed at how different seeds are. Basil seeds look like little mouse turds! (C'mon, you know it's true!) I planted several seeds in each section of the carton, about 1/4" below the surface. Once they sprout I can thin them out if necessary.
Hopefully someday they'll look like this...

{Day 001}

... But for now they look like this!


  1. Have your mouse turds sprouted?

  2. Not yet... maybe my thumb isn't as green as I was hoping...